Celebrating Community through Hospitality

Greek Wine & Mezze Pairing in June

Greek Wine & Mezze Pairing in June

We want to give our customers the whole Greek package, from the imported olive oil and wines, to the authentic pork gyro spits, to the traditional recipes … the list goes on and on. But more than anything, we hope to embody the spirit of xenia (ks-en-ia), Greek hospitality. The history of xenia is largely rooted in the ancient Greek fear of accidentally offending a god travelling among mortals in disguise - and while we wouldn’t ever doubt the possibility that any of our customers might be holy, our desire to be hospitable is more than just that, and is a deeply ingrained value in Greek culture. We aim to always be gracious and generous with our guests, and want more than anything for everybody to feel welcome at the Naughty Greek.

Food is emblematic of and specific to every culture, but it is also universally essential, and a place where we are all able to come together to share positive connections and find common ground. No matter where we come from, we were all raised by mothers or fathers or grandmothers who taught us from an early age that sharing food is the same as sharing love. And no matter what your background is, we hope that you leave every visit to the Naughty Greek feeling like you’ve connected with our story, and had an opportunity to share yours - we want to get to know you, and welcome you as part of our community!

So - when your July fourth celebrations have subsided, visit the Naughty Greek for your barbecue and beer detox (...maybe with more pork, and more beer - we won’t judge). More than anything, though, we hope that you can come in and forge relationships, so that we can learn more about each other and develop the respectful connections that we all deserve, through sharing the joy of food and love!

- Jessie Lee-Bauder