simply the best!

It’s that good stuff - that tangy spread that’s heart-stoppingly creamy, that little extra punch of garlic, that perfect accompaniment to, well, everything.

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It’s hard to find another food as representative of the Naughty Greek as our tzatziki spread. Made by hand from authentic Greek yogurt, cucumbers, and a melange of flavorful seasonings, the labor of love that goes into our tzatziki is emblematic of our dedication to freshness and quality. While it’s easy to find non-traditional iterations of tzatziki in the United States, we’ll never use sour cream, mayonnaise, or anything less than the best Greek yogurt in our products. And while we don’t want to give away all of our delicious secrets, we do want to let you in on the process behind the sauce, so you can know what you’re getting with every bite. 

Every ingredient in our tzatziki is essential to its unique, fresh flavor, and every ingredient is chosen and handled with care, from finely shredded English cucumbers to rich and decadent Greek yogurt, made of both sheep & cows’ milk. Our blend of spices and seasonings marinate for hours while the flavors mix before being folded together, so that our tzatziki can pack the flavorful punch that you know and love. Finally, our beautiful, tangy, tzatziki baby is born!

Despite the massive demand for our tzatziki (we go through 40 buckets of yogurt every week!), we still stay true to the integrity of this process with every batch. We don’t cut corners, and don’t want to stop at just providing you with authentic, fresh Greek cuisine - you also deserve honesty and full transparency in regards to every single one of our ingredients. We want you to trust that you will only get the best from us, so that you can still feel good about getting naughty. And if you somehow haven’t had a taste of our tzatziki yet, stop by and spread it across a slice of crispy zucchini or flash fried eggplant, find it tucked away inside any of our gyros, or just order our simply tzatziki small plate - even though it turns out our tzatziki is not so simple, after all. 

- Jessie Lee-Bauder

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