Holy moly, Toni!

Such twinkling eyes!

Such twinkling eyes!

If you frequent TNG•Snelling, you’ve probably met Toni - a lively, engaging, and commanding presence!  Toni is the lead line cook at 181 Snelling, and has worked every position in the restaurant.  The kitchen is where her heart is, though: “I love making sure everything is perfect - finding a way to make each meal better than the last!”  And it shows!   With no walls between the kitchen and the dining room, Toni can take just a few steps to get direct feedback from customers, and know exactly how the meal went.

Toni was born and raised in St Paul in a musical family, with a mother in musical theater, and a father “who plays literally every instrument.”  Toni plays piano and acoustic & electric guitar herself, on Epiphones that once belonged to her father.  She met fellow TNGer Christian in high school, and the two are now building a life together, filled with musical instruments that Toni’s nine year-old son Zane is beginning to get creative with.  When not cajoling Zane into putting his other sock on and getting to school in the morning, Toni writes short stories, reads, and she loves “fixing things!  And being busy!”

Toni dreams of having a little space in the country, with chickens.  “I had ten Rhode Island Reds, and it was incredible the personalities they had!”  She would feed them from her hands every morning, and show the roosters who was boss.  But restaurant work is always part of the bigger picture.  “I like good food, and good people.  I love restaurants like this, where we care about the customers, and it permeates the whole business.”

- Natalie Singer