That's right, you read correctly. We are opening a SECOND location! We plan to open December 5th, but check this blog for updates throughout the month of November! (or you can take the Green Line down University and see for yourself!) We wanted to start our coverage of TNG2 with the people who have helped craft our brand since day one....Kate and Stefan from Ideas that Kick!

Meet Kate and Stefan, our brand gurus/design geniuses from Ideas that Kick! They were with us from the very beginning of the The Naughty Greek, helping us create a brand that reflected our values and food, and we are so excited that they are a part of the TNG2 journey. They do amazing work, so we thought they should tell you about it!

Kate and Stefan: “The most important thing for TNG2 is to carry over the feeling of the first restaurant but to work with the character of thebuilding and the new space. If you don’t, you are doing a disservice to the neighborhood and the business. TNG is not a chain, and we want to create an authentic space that reflects that. This new, large space allows Angelo and his team to serve even more people authentic Greek food, in a sit-down setting. This allows people to gather and talk and eat, which is a huge part of the greek culture. We are not an interior design firm, but we are a marketing and experience firm that helps create a cohesive brand. Angelo is responsible for making the best food possible, and we want the design, artwork, and space to reflect that. The coolest part about working with TNG has been seeing it go from A-Z, and getting to help with every milestone.”

Kate and Stefan Ideas that Kick.JPG