Spanakopita: a bundle of joy

Good things come in small packages, but even better things come wrapped in warm, flaky filo dough.


Today we’re talking about Spanakopita, a classic staple of Greek cuisine dating back nearly 400 years. Literally meaning “spinach pie” in Greek, Spanakopita lives up to its name. Stuffed full of enough spinach to make Popeye proud, the Spanakopita is not only tasty – but a great way to get some of that leafy green goodness into your diet. We like to add nuggets of hand crumbled Feta cheese into our spanakopita as well, because let’s be real – you can never have too much Feta (especially when it comes straight from Greece!) 

Now, all good pies need an equally good crust if they’re going to be successful! Fun fact:  Did you know that Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras actually came up with an equation for the perfect pie filling to pie crust ratio? It goes something along the lines of this -- “good pie filling + good pie crust = good eats!” If you ask us, Pythagoras was right on the money with that one. (Although many scholars debate if this equation is scientifically sound, or if it even exists at all.) The crust that we wrap around the outside of our Spanakopita is none other than filo dough – one of the most ubiquitous doughs used for making sweet or savory pastries in Greece. The secret to a good filo dough lies within its paper-thin layers! Each brittle sheet of filo is made from layer after layer of dough stretched so thin that it becomes transparent, lovingly (and carefully!) stacked on top of each other and brushed with olive oil. Once baked to golden perfection, the individual layers provide a beautifully flaky crust that melts in your mouth with each bite, and when wrapped around the outside of a spanakopita, it provides the perfect texture to compliment the warm spinach and feta on the inside.

Sometimes made into small triangles, or even baked in large casserole pans, the spanakopita has been known to come in many different forms – and all of them delicious! However, we opt to make ours in singled sized squares – this allows for just the right amount of crust, and just the right amount of filling. Can you share our spanakopita with a friend? Sure you can, just be prepared to eat the last bite while they’re not looking! (Or, just save yourself the trouble and order two! Or three…Or four…)

— Zack Klinkenborg