Rosé, Hooray!

Ktima Voyatzi Rose 2015

Ktima Voyatzi Rose 2015

National Wine Day is May 25th - what better excuse to celebrate the incredible Greek wines we serve?  We’ll be featuring one wine a week as we lead up to it - and what better inauguration than a glass of rosé?!

Rosé is the wine of the moment, and we pour one that’s close to our hearts: Ktima Voyatzi Rosé, 2015.  Rosé works especially well with food; it is as refreshing as white wine, but with a little more body, more…oomph.  We adore this wine for its light earthiness, layers of strawberries & spice, and of course, its beautiful hues.  And as anyone who knows anything about wine will tell you, all of these characteristics are indicative of how the wine is produced.

Ktima Voyatzi is a family estate in Northern Greece, nestled between the Pierian Mountains and Lake Polyfytos.  The grapes for this rosé, a combination of Grecian Xinomavro, Moschomavro, and Tsapournakos (Cabernet Franc) are densely grown in clay and limestone soils.  Xinomavro in particular can be a challenging grape that takes a long time to fully ripen, but patience and a love for Greek wine traditions are central to the composition of this beautiful and complex organic wine.

Drink rosé during Naughty Hour at each of our locations - or all day!

- Natalie Singer