Lachlan, the man, the mystery


Lachlan, our resident artist & stoic at TNG•Snelling might be one of the quietest members of the TNG family, but he’s got a sly, deadpan sense of humor that can sneak up on you at the best of moments.

We first got to know Lachlan almost a year and a half ago, when he applied on a whim.  “I’d literally never had Greek food before.  Now, I go somewhere else and I’m like, huh, well, that’s not tzatziki.”  He stayed for the people!  “Everyone’s friendly, and nice.  Angelo’s friendly, and nice.  Zack’s friendly, and nice.  All of my coworkers are friendly, and nice.”  And working at TNG allows him to spend the rest of his time growing creatively.

A recent graduate of Macalester, Lachlan followed his older sister to St Paul after her own positive experience at the college.  He studied art, with a focus in painting, and continues to paint across the Twin Cities, moving between abstraction & figurative works.  This last summer he completed a mural at Panaderia San Miguel with his friend, Ilana, at the corner of Lake & 17th St.  And currently, he’s applying some of the theory behind literary photography to his new paintings.  Winter is slow going for murals, but he keeps busy reading, running, and working on his portfolio.

Right now, Lachlan’s reading Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman, by Murakami, and highly recommends the author’s A Wild Sheep Chase.  He also loves finding and reading interviews, whether they’re of artists and authors he likes, or professionals in tangential fields like architecture or stage lighting. 

He’ll probably finish reading his book soon - over the holiday break Lachlan is visiting his family, who live near Portland, OR, and he’s planning plenty of rest, relaxation, and eating quality vegetarian meals with his parents, brother and sister.