The TNG Greek Salad: Lettuce Explain...

Let’s get one thing straight: a Greek salad is surpassingly different from an American salad. How so? There’s no lettuce! You read that correctly. A traditional Greek salad doesn’t contain an ounce of leafy shrubbery — just like you’d find walking through Plaka, in Athens.


At The Naughty Greek, we stick to our authentic roots and traditions by offering you - our neighbors, the TNG Original Greek Salad. In Greece, it is more commonly referred to as horiatiki salata or village salad, and our Greek salad is sure to serve you classic Athenian vibes.

If you are dining inside either one of our bustling restaurant locations you can always expect your TNG Original Greek Salad to be expertly hand-crafted each and every time.

We always start off by grabbing a clean, cold white bowl from the fridge and then pile on the fresh veggies! At The Naughty Greek we use the ripest ruby-red tomatoes, high-quality cucumbers, crisp green bell peppers and freshly-cut raw red onions. To highlight the freshness and integrity of our ingredients we lightly sprinkle the mound with kosher sea salt. Without delay, we shower freshly squeezed lemon juice on top then bathe all of the ingredients in our EVOO.

If you ever hang around inside the restaurants, then you have probably eaten something off the menu featuring feta and our TNG Original Greek Salad is no exception! We top off your vibrant vegetable pyramid with a thick slice of authentic Greek feta cheese. The entire meal is finished with a dusting of Greek oregano and imported Kalamata olives. When you taste our humble village salad the vibrant city of Athens echoes on your palate.

*Naughty Tip: We recommend ordering a side of our bona fide signature pork or a glass of our newest wine offering, Dafnios, to accompany this simple and rustic yet classic and absolutely delicious traditional Greek salad...the naughty way.

— Brittney Smith