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Fix Hellas

Fix Hellas

We have several core values at the Naughty Greek - all of our food is made from authentic, high quality ingredients, and all of our guests are met with hospitality and a sense of community. And of course, every trip to the restaurant should be fun, and representative of a truly Greek experience. We were surprised to find embodiment of these values in a beer with its own interesting story to tell: Fix Hellas, brewed on the premise that “beer is for fun.”  

When we think of drinking in Greece, wine and ouzo immediately come to mind, but beer is a less intuitive association. That makes sense - even Fix, the oldest Greek beer, was first established by a Bavarian emigree family who missed German beer and decided to brew it domestically rather than import it. Brewed since 1850 and officially established in 1864, Fix is arguably the most nostalgic (and prestigious) Greek beer on the market - in the nineteenth century, Fix Hellas was the official purveyor of beer for the Greek royal court, and a favorite throughout the country, widely beloved for its quality, flavor, and for the Greek pride touted by its newly immigrated brewers. 

The reputation of the beer was tainted in the early 20th century as Fix’s owners began to stray from the Greek values that they had first embraced - hospitality, family, and integrity - and the beer even went out of production for a number of years. The brand was re-adopted by Greek brewers and reentered the market in 2010 to massive success - so much that the brewery couldn’t meet the demand, and for a few terrible months Greece was without Fix for a second time. This time around, Fix prides itself on its Greekness - its employees, its brewery which was built in Greece by Greeks, and the barley used in every batch of beer, and in turn, it has been welcomed and supported by the people of Greece. 

Fix is popular for better reasons than ethics and nationalism, though - it’s also won over 35 international awards for its quality and flavor. It’s a lightly hoppy pilsner with just a hint of bitterness that’s perfectly balanced against the beer’s subtle maltiness. The recipe is true to its 19th century origins, and embodies the necessary balance of Bavarian pilsners’ ingredients; malt, hops, and (Greek) barley. It’s easy to drink while still delivering on flavor. And we might be biased, but we think it tastes even more incredible with our pork gyros and naughty fries … and with everything else on our the menu too, of course. So come in, and get your naughty, fun, Greek Fix.

- Jessie Lee-Bauder