Table Wine is Good Wine


You go to Greece, chances are that you’re going to get offered a beautiful table wine, the same wine that winemakers are drinking, the same wine that the taverna owners are drinking, and the same wine that the guy next to you is drinking. 

Why?  Because it’s a beautiful table wine!  Unpretentious, easy-going and a pure expression of the land and the grape.

Our newest wine offering, Dafnios, is just that.  It’s made from the Liatikos grape, which has been used in winemaking on the island of Crete since the Middle Ages and it carries much of the characteristics of Liatikos — high acidity, a light-to-medium body, and light spice and floral notes.  Aged in French oak, Dafnios is dry but exceptionally well-balanced by mouth-watering acidity, bursts of fresh cherry tempered by a woodsy aroma.  

Dafnios is produced in central Crete, by the Douloufakis family, who have been farming 10 hectares organically since the 1930s.  They supplement their grapes with grapes from other family growers that border the vineyard in Dafnes, on steep limestone mountainsides with cool nights and plenty of sunny days.

This well-structured, effortless wine is our new favorite pick for our Ground Lamb & Beef Kebabs, our Salacious Eggplant Spread, and our Beef Souvlaki.  Actually, it might be our favorite new pick for anything — the beautiful table wine that we’re drinking, that the Douloufakis family is drinking, and the guy next to you, too!