The Man Who Laughs: CJ

Here’s a face you may not have seen before - CJ!

Christian 8_sm.jpg


CJ plays a crucial role in the operations of our University location - Dishwasher Supervisor.

He’s been at The Naughty Greek for just about 8 months now, after being impressed by “a super welcoming vibe, and a crazy fun first day.”  

The emphasis is on fun, not crazy!  “It’s cool seeing how the care that TNG gives its staff turns into the extra mile that staff go for customers - it all loops around, and it all matters.”

Walking back into the dish pit on any given day, you’ll immediately be greeted by CJ’s soundtrack - Gang of Four, Tenacious D, Queen, the Misfits, Black Flag.  CJ has that talent for recalling the specific musicians for a band’s recordings, the year of release, the instruments they played - and what he was doing the first time he listened to the album!

“I was raised on R&B and hiphop.  That’s all I knew!  I thought that was what all music was until I saw Wayne’s World, and heard Bohemian Rhapsody for the first time.  That song changed everything for me.”  (CJ’s already requested off for the opening day of the eponymous movie.)   Hearing the canny, slick riffs of Queen inspired him to learn bass, and shortly after, he picked up a guitar.  His very first acoustic is now in the hands of his 8 year-old cousin.

But CJ never wanted to abandon the music he was raised on.  In fact, when he and his musical partner, Don (another TNG friend!), first started playing music together, he felt so constrained by the limits of performing as a single musical entity, that they’ve started a performance and comic book collective, where they perform as Electric Euphoria, Slugknuckle Underdogs, and The Men Who Laugh, a nod to the Victor Hugo movie and the original Joker in Batman.

If you see CJ at The Naughty Greek, say hello - and if you enjoy listening to music of any kind, he’s just the man you want to strike up a conversation with!