Anjali: TNG's Resident Fortune-Teller

Meet Anjali!  She's our Prep Manager at TNG•University, and she oversees the production of food not just for University, but also for TNG•Snelling and all of our Catering!  


Anjali has spent years in kitchens; she's been a baker, a line cook, a caterer for major events, like all-day weddings & the Children's Theatre Ball, and she even worked at 181 N Snelling back when it was Cupcake, before The Naughty Greek was a twinkle in Angelo's eye.  With all of this experience, she's found a knack for managing the crazy quantities of food that the kitchen at University produces - like nearly 8000 ounces of tzatiki in a week kind of crazy!

A typical day for Anjali begins before the restaurant opens, when she takes a full inventory of what exists in our walk-in coolers, our freezer, and on the line.  Then she reviews all of the upcoming events and the needs for each restaurant, always staying one day ahead.  She touches base with all the cooks, getting to know what they're doing and how they're feeling about the day ahead.  And then - she gets cooking!  

"A lot of my job is predicting the future."  Like a clairvoyant?  "Yeah!  I'm pretty much a fortune teller!"

When she's not divining what lays in store for tomorrow, Anjali is dreaming about what lays in store across oceans.  "I've wanted to go to Ireland for a long time, and now I want to see Greece!" A few years ago, Anjali stayed in Hyderabad, India, for a month and next on her list is Kolkata, where she was born.

And when she's not making travel plans, she's with her friends and family, talking with her mother at least once a day, and unwinding at home.  "I like really bad Teen Mom."