181 Snelling Ave N, St. Paul 55104

SUN & TUES-THUR 11:00-9:00 • FRI-SAT 11:00-10:00

651.219.4438 ext. 1

The first of our two locations opened in November of 2016, at the corner of Selby St and Snelling Ave.  A cozy hangout in the heart of a delightfully walkable neighborhood, where everyone actually will know your name!  


On-street parking is available.

We are a ten minute walk from the Snelling &  University stop on the Metro Green Line, and if you take the bus, the A Line & Route 21 will each drop you off within a block of our door!


2400 University Ave West, St.Paul 55114

MON-THUR 11:00-9:00  FRI-SAT 11:00-10:00

651.219.4438 ext. 2

We couldn't be contained with just one location - so we opened one big enough to accommodate all of our wildest hopes and dreams, at the corner of University Ave & Raymond Ave.  We cater out of this location!  We host live music every Thursday, from 5-7!  It's one giant party! 


Just steps away from the University & Raymond bus stop on Routes 16, 63, 67, and 87.  

Half a block from the Green Line Raymond Ave station.



We have three lots -

The first (P1), is located directly behind our restaurant.
We have five spots in this shared lot - look for our signs against the wall!
The second (P2), is at the intersection of Raymond & Charles. The third and largest (P3), is just around the corner from P2, on Territorial Rd.