You're hanging out with our friends at Dual Citizen Brewing Company, and you're thinking about getting Naughty...

please make sure you put your
table number
in front of your
name on the
payment screen

just like this: 13 JOHN

We'll make sure we find you!

How does this work?

When you place your online order, it comes straight to us, at TNG•University.  Your ticket starts printing in the kitchen, and our crew start cooking your food.

As soon as it's all ready, we pack it up nice and neat in a box.  We give you everything you need to enjoy your food, napkins and silverware, and ketchup!  Then we take a secret shortcut to DCBC so that your food stays hot, and we drop it off right at your table!  No dishes, just fresh Greek food, fast.

Wait, I'm not at Dual Citizen...

That's fine too!  Click here to order for pickup from TNG•Snelling, and here to order for pickup from TNG•University.

I'd really like to talk to someone about my order!

Please call us!  (651) 219-4438