catering with the naughty greek

Greeks are known all over the world for their hospitality and mouthwatering flavors - we bring that same dedication, warmth, and delicious fresh food to you, from big parties to small parties, to office lunches that could be parties!

Size: We can cater any party larger than 8, and we don’t have a maximum.


• Notice: 24 hours’ notice ensures that we can organize all of our moving parts to make every aspect of the event perfect.  We want to have a conversation with you about exactly what you want and need - and how we can make that happen!

For larger events, please reach out 15 days prior.


Delivery & Setup: We deliver, set up, and can even staff your event!  Our disposable dishes and chafers make clean-up easy.


Catering & Delivery Fee: This covers paper goods, dishes & serving ware, and delivery.  Generally, it’s 20%, but there are some exceptions to this rule - boxed lunches & orders over $500, we charge 10%, and if you come to pick it up, we totally waive it. 



each serves 8-12

SIMPLY TZATZIKI                                                                $12.00
strained greek yogurt, garlic and cucumber; refreshing and complimentary to all meats and vegetable plates


SASSY CHEESE SPREAD                                               $16.00
homemade spread made from feta, yogurt and spicy roasted fresno peppers


SALACIOUS EGGPLANT SPREAD                              $12.00 roasted eggplant and sweet bell peppers with fresh parsley, garlic, olive oil and seasonings; just like grandma made


SEASONED PITAS                                                               $0.75


GREEK YOGURT                                                                 $8.00                                       


MEZZE PLATTER                                   sm $55.00 • lg $75.00
salacious eggplant spread, sassy cheese spread, tabbouleh, tzatziki, kalamata olives and pita


TABBOULEH                                                                       $12.00
parsley, cous-cous, tomatoes, cucumber, mint, onion and lemon dressing


MINI SPANAKOPITA                                                           $1.90
spinach pie, • minimum 8 • 


MINI MEAT PIE                                                                      $1.90
• minimum 8 •


MINI TIROPITA                                                                      $1.90
cheese pie, • minimum 8 •


MINI LAMB & BEEF KEBAB                                             $2.40
2 oz


MINI CHICKEN SOUVLAKI                                              $1.90               
2 oz

  tng original greek salad

tng original greek salad

each serves 8-10

KALE                                                                                     $50.00
chopped kale and romaine, scallions, tomatoes, carrots, Kalamata olives, Greek feta and red wine vinaigrette

PURE GOODNESS                                                         $50.00
fresh cut romaine, spinach, onions, scallions, Kalamata olives, Greek feta, green peppers, lemon and Greek EVOO dressing


TNG ORIGINAL GREEK SALAD                                 $50.00
tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, Greek feta, green peppers and red onion with TNG dressing                                                     

  pork gyro platter

pork gyro platter

priced per person

Served buffet-style & includes protein or vegetarian options,
whole pitas, tzatziki, julienned red onion, tomatoes, large salad bowl
and platter of Yia-Yia'sOrange Filo cake
•minimum 8•

All of our gyros are made fresh, seasoned and prepared each day - never frozen.  
Our pork has no phosphates, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, and is sourced from Midwestern farms.  
Our chicken is locally sourced, and cage-free, with no added antibiotics, added hormones, & no preservatives. 


CHICKEN SOUVLAKI                                                       $12.50
grilled chicken skewers

PORK GYRO                                                                       $12.50
shaved off the rotisseries


FAVALAFEL                                                                         $12.50
homemade fave-based falafels

LAMB & BEEF KEBAB                                                      $13.50
homemade kebab with ground meat & warming spices


VIRGIN MELANGE                                                            $12.50
grilled zucchini, eggplant & red peppers


4-oz portions

FAVALAFEL                                                                          $4.20

PORK GYRO                                                                         $4.20

VIRGIN MELANGE                                                             $3.70

LAMB & BEEF KEBAB                                                        $4.70

LAMB CHOPS                                                                     $21.50
grilled • minimum 1 lb (approx 10 chops)

CHICKEN SOUVLAKI                                                        $3.85



each serves 8

PASTICHIO                                                                         $68.00
thick layers of macaroni, juicy tomato & ground beef, and a parmesan-laced béchamel sauce - a delicious oven-baked pasta dish!

MOUSSAKA                                                                       $68.00
luscious layers of juicy tomato & ground beef, sweet eggplant, and creamy béchamel sauce - baked together into golden perfection


YEMISTA                                                                              $75.00
baked tomatoes and green peppers, stuffed with rice & raisin pilaf

EGGPLANT KANONI                                                     $60.00
grilled eggplant, fresh tomatoes, onions, green peppers, baked and studded with healthy chunks of Greek feta

  orange filo cake

orange filo cake


YIA-YIA'S ORANGE FILO CAKE                                 $36.00
orange cake made from filo dough, soaked in homemade Greek honey syrup - family recipe
• 24 triangles •

Cow & sheeps' milk yogurt with Greek thyme honey